About Us

Goodbye Gravity is a contemporary comfort wear brand that gently holds your hand and walks you through the comforting yet fantastical pleasures of life. Pause for a moment, take a deep breath, and imagine yourself sliding down a long spiral slide that lands you into a pool of pink fluffy cotton candy clouds, imagine taking an escalator straight to the top of the highest mountain peak in the world, imagine dancing with a peacock on a dance routine choreographed by the peacock, imagine washing your worries in a washing machine that can actually wash your worries away and imagine being bafed by the fact that your dog can
actually understand and respond in a human language! Now imagine this magical life as your reality. A dream you were living. Bizarre but wondrous. Isn’t it?

Goodbye Gravity is all this and more. It is a state of mind that can be awakened with our soft, breathable and affordable comfort wear. With unparalleled design aesthetics and versatile silhouettes, Goodbye Gravity’s warm and cozy apparel weaves the perfect symphony to ultimately elevate every individual’s fantastical self-care experience.