Designed for absolute comfort, for every Indian woman.

We have a vision to redefine women fashion in India. Our aim: To turn the style and fashion of Indian women into something that is fresh and vibrant and most importantly, comfortable. We want our brand, and our designs to represent the true spirit of the Indian woman.

The Rocket Science behind Goodbye Gravity

Goodbye Gravity is a groundbreaking clothing line which helps Indian women dress modestly and confidently, without compromising on style. Goodbye Gravity uses proprietary fabrics to help you achieve a modern look that’s appropriate for the Indian woman of today – with the freedom, comfort and confidence that you deserve. Clothes that match your aspirations – comfort or style . Are you ready to say goodbye to gravity?

What makes you feel uplifted?

Our Holy Trinity of comfort-style-accessibility will lift you up with from within!

Why sweat in your sticky synthetics when our natural, airy, and breathable fabrics can assure delightful comfort packed with dreamy softness.

Why overwhelm yourself with chaotic higgledy-piggledy prints? With minimalistic, upbeat and vibrant design elements, we bring magic in its purest form to your closet.

Why battle with that hard-earned money that’s inside your wallet? It’s time you make peace with it. With a erodible comfort wear that promises nothing less than value, we believe that superior quality and a erodibility should always go hand in hand.

Our Superpower? Our Experience.

In the past four decades, our parent company Krishna Dyeing and Printing Mills is present in the global textiles market, we pride ourselves on creating apparels for every generation. In the past few decades, brands have been compromising either style for quality or vibrancy for comfort. We intend to change that, and strike a balance between vibrancy, decency, comfort and affordability.

Our obsession with unmatched quality.

In the past 4 decades, we have been delivering premium quality, high performance fabrics and fashion to inspire and enhance the lives of our customers. Through our unique strengths in technical prowess, we're capable of creating revolutionary materials and textiles that address and solve real life problems and meet specific customer requirements.

What makes us committed?

Goodbye Gravity is built to last. There are no fad looks or fleeting trends here. We believe that beauty doesn't have an expiration date. While most brands come and go every few years, our inspirations are timeless—and so are we

Our Sustainabilty Commitments