Our story

Why we do what we do

Have you ever bought something from a fast fashion brand and then thought to yourself the quality could've been much better at the price you got it for? You may not know it, but you're looking for Goodbye Gravity!

Goodbye Gravity is loungewear made keeping the Indian woman in mind.
Buy it for yourself, your mother,sister, girlfriend, wife or even your grandmother! Hell, we're so good just pick an excuse to buy it for somebody you know who hasn't come to the dark side of loungewear yet.

Wear it at home, go for a movie, go to the market, go out for dinner or just stay in bed and watch Friends for the 17354th time, we're with you! We are comfort, vibrancy and decency all packed into one explosive but cute package!

How we stitched the hitch? Problem and the Really Important Problem.

During the lockdown, it was relatively simpler and easier for men to find comfortable clothes to slip into, but women found their trendy clothes uncomfortable and comfortable clothes boring. That's when we thought there's a gap in the market for comfortable, affordable, luxurious feeling loungewear!

Finding good fashion is always tough. Striking the right balance between fabric quality, vibrant prints, and trendy cuts is even tougher. Moreover, most fashionable clothes are made to be short-lived, hurting not only your wallet, but also by creating a lot of waste - most synthetic clothes (non biodegradable) end up in landfills.

Why us?

Our parent company, Krishna Dyeing and Printing Mills - is the brand behind a lot of big brands!  In the past 40+ years of our existence, we've worked with almost every national brand in India and tons of international brands exporting their garments all around the globe. From ethnic wear to the trendiest western wear, we've touched every field of apparel in our experience

What really makes us special is the divide between our spending philosophy. We're absolutely frugal in our expenditure - but fanatical about investing in our people and machinery. This unique dichotomy has helped us always deliver the best quality keeping our prices in check!

The Rocket Science behind Goodbye Gravity

Goodbye Gravity is called Goodbye Gravity because it is a way for us to challenge everything that keeps pulling us down.
Our life and product philosophy asks us to give our best shot at everything we do, to focus on meaningful and big problems and solve them with patience and grit.

Gravitational force is a function of the weight of an object, the problems we're fighting are massive (therefore have a great pull) and are spread everywhere, and we hope to create an impact on all those are around us.


Sweaty Synthetics!

Why sweat in your sticky synthetics when our natural, airy, and breathable fabrics can assure delightful comfort packed with dreamy softness.


Higgledy-Piggledy Designs!

Why overwhelm yourself with chaotic higgledy-piggledy prints? With minimalistic, upbeat and vibrant design elements, we bring magic in its purest form to your closet.


Wallet Warriors!

Why battle with that hard-earned money that’s inside your wallet? It’s time you make peace with it. With affordable comfort wear that promises nothing less than value, we believe that superior quality and affordability should always go hand in hand.

Our Core Values

Cut the Drama. Keep it Simple.

Why complicate your comfort wear with dramatic cuts and chaotic prints? With seamless silhouettes and upbeat yet minimal prints, we keep it effortlessly simple.

We yearn to deliver exceptional quality apparel, because why not?!

We’re highly driven to deliver superior quality apparel at a great value. We’ve done it for more than two decades and strive to do the same as we keep progressing forward. With extensive technical knowledge, in-depth understanding of the diverse Indian market, tight-knit supply chain and well-versed creative designers, we aspire to set a new benchmark with comfort wear that ticks all the right boxes.

Be Bold and Useful.

We believe that the power of expression is an expression of empowerment.By saying this we mean that an individual can only express themselves clearly and effectively when they are truly empowered on the inside. We at ‘Goodbye Gravity’ wish to empower our community by making them feel comfortable and unstoppable in their own skin, because only then can we make a noteworthy difference in the world. 

Update and Upgrade - We embrace technology.

As the Greek Philosopher, Heraclitus once said: "Change is the only constant." With the help of advanced technology, we aim to serve you better and faster by implementing new and improvised systems. We truly thrive on change and innovation

Inclusive Communities Weave Stronger Relationships.

For us, inclusive growth is more than just social jargon. We live by it. We foster economic growth and social inclusion to encourage all our stakeholders including employees, shareholders, suppliers, customers and the society at large to make a collective and lasting impact. We embrace diversity in all its glory and do not encourage any kind of discrimination. We strongly believe that trust, transparency and open communication can always knit a meaningful bond.